Sunny Deol Prefers To Make You Laugh


MUMBAI: Known for his macho on-screen persona (the ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ et al), Bollywood’s foremost action star Sunny Deol said he prefers to make people laugh, rather than cry.

Spotted in Mumbai, driving a beast of a silver Range Rover, the Punjabi puttar looked geared up for his latest film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’, which releases today. The film stars the three Deols- Sunny, Bobby and Dharmendra, and is an “out and out comedy”, as Sunny puts it.

Said Sunny, about the need for a sequel to the successful first part: “We did an emotional film like ‘Apne’ and then ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ which was an out-and-out comedy. We loved the characters and thought let’s go ahead and make part two as it’s better to make people laugh than to make them cry!”

Managing expectations from the sequel, a nervous Sunny added, “If the star cast is the same and if the audience has loved it then they will definitely expect much more from the film, putting a load on the cast. But if the story is good people will definitely like it — less or more than the previous film cannot be predicted! We can only claim ‘it’s twice as funny and twice as much fun!”

Speaking about the way things have changed in the industry, Sunny Deol surmised that “Earlier the filmmakers were not scared of making films that they believed in. There were deep-rooted thoughts and deep-rooted beliefs. Just the way our country has changed, the cinema has also changed in the same way. People don’t trust themselves anymore — they do not have the confidence to project what they are thinking or want to say through a film.”