Sunny Leone Comments About Priyanka Chopra


Sunny Leon _ Priyanka (1)The very hot Sunny Leone who made her way to Bollywood through her entry in the TV reality show Bigg Boss has always been a fan of Indian film industry. She has her pick of favorite actresses, and amongst all of them, Priyanka Chopra inspires her.

In a recent interview when asked who her favorite actress was the bold actress listed few names. Amongst which were “Kahaani” actress Vidya Balan, “Queen” actress Kangana Ranaut, and of course actress and pop star ‘desi girl’ Priyanka Chopra. “I have always loved Vidya Balan. I think Kangana does an amazing job as well.” Said Leone.

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 “Priyanka Chopra I think is the jack-of-all-trades, she does it all. I think she is probably one of the most inspiring women in Bollywood. I watch and look at and I read her articles and see what she is doing or I go back to the States and see her on the big boards; you feel proud when you’re in another country and then you see one of your own you feel yes! She is Indian, she is from where I am from and you get excited. So I think she is very inspiring.” Added the 33-year-old actress.

When asked if she considers anybody as her competitor Sunny Leone stated, “I don’t see things are being competitive. I think my biggest competitor is myself.” The actress recently launched the cover of Mandate Magazine with husband Daniel Weber.

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