After Sunny Leone Goes Digital, Amy Jackson Launches Her Own Mobile App!


Actress Amy Jackson announces her new mobile app Amy Jackson Official App. It is to be released on March 4, 2017 in collaboration with New York based startup escapex. The new app will let fans access Amy’s social handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). They can also interact with her directly through the in-app social feed. This provides an unparalleled experience for fans, who will be able to enjoy unique & exclusive content from Amy and will be able to be an integral part of Amy’s World.

The app will provide unique features like push notifications, Featured Videos, Superstar posts, contests, Superfan badges, Subscription and Live Broadcast.

Superstars: The latest breakthrough in fan engagement

An exciting, patented feature will transform how fans interact with Amy. It will give them the option to boost their or their peers’ comments. This to increase visibility and actually be seen by the star herself. By turning recognition into virtual currency, the entire fan base can trade their earned or purchased in-app currency to promote themselves and others to the top of the comments feed and become Top Fans. This one of a kind tool also increases fan-2-fan engagement, while giving users a true sense of community.

The future is going to be very exciting for me with a number of projects in the pipeline. You will be the first to know about them here on my official app. The app allows me to move to the next level in social media engagement. I look forward to a deeper interaction with my fans,” says Amy Jackson.

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Native Ads: Keeping the app free for the fans

For Stars like Amy Jackson, this kind of independent digital route offers a major advantage. Being completely free for fans, the app will display the same advertising content sold by big networks. The same targeted ads these users see on Facebook, Twitter and Google are now bringing revenue to the person who produces the content that drives people to these apps and websites in the first place.

An artist-owned app garners the star a greater slice of ad revenue, while also scooping up data on which content fans like most and being able to directly sell all sorts of merchandise. By creating her own branded app, Amy hopes to provide her massive fan base with a better social experience and closer connection.

Sephi Shapira, CEO escapex “We are honored to partner with Amy Jackson one of the most innovative stars on the raise today. Alongside her acting and a modelling career Amy features as a brand ambassador for Yardley of London and Ponds Beauty. Together, we strive to start a new era in social media where control is put back in the hands of models, actors and creators who will finally be able to fully engage with their fans.”

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