Sunny Leone Planning To Have A Baby Soon?

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone loves kids and says she would be lucky to have them.

The bold actress Sunny Leone, time and again proves that she is just another lady of her age. She is not her movies, she is not her image, she is just another woman who loves kids and wants a family like many of the women of her age would!

Splitsvilla Host, Sunny Leone, in an exclusive Facebook live chat session with, revealed her desire to start a family with her husband Daniel Weber and also talked about the important elements in a relationship.

Sunny if often seen holding babies with a smile on her face from the leaked behind the scene pictures from the sets. Her love for kids is well known!

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Recently, on being asked about her plans of starting a family with her husband Daniel Weiber, she said, “I think that if I personally was to get pregnant right now, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. God really one day, I definitely want a family and you never know I might just show up one day and say, ‘Here’s my baby.’ He will all be like what, when has this happened.”

Sunny also spoke about how kids reciprocate her love. She said,”They lash on to me, it’s like crazy, ridiculousness. Like one kid didn’t even want to go back to her mother. She just stayed with me, it was the weirdest situation.But they are sweet, I love children and if I can you know be lucky enough to have them in my life, then I will thank God every single day of my life.”

Talking about the relationship, Sunny said that Communication and Respect are the most important elements in a relationship. She said “Without communicating you are never going to know the person you are with or their feelings. Respect is important because when you draw lines, you don’t cross them if you have respect for that person.”

We know you’ll make an amazing mother, Sunny! Can’t wait for the good news already!