Sushmita Sen Says I Am Life


Sush-1 Sush-29 Sush-14 Sush-10 Sush-16 Sush-13 Sush-9 Sush-7 Sush-11 Sush-3 Sush-4 Sush-33 Sush-18 Sush-5 Sush-6 Sush-12 Sush-17 Sush-34 Sush-19 Sush-20 Sush-21 Sush-22 Sush-23 Sush-24 Sush-25 Sush-26 Sush-36 Sush-30 Sush-35[tps_footer]Miss Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen recently attended the book launch of Shraddha Soni‘s book I Am Life in Mumbai. Sushmita is undoubtedly one of India’s most stylish women and can make anyone skip a heartbeat even when she is most casually dressed.

At the book launch event, Sushmita Sen was in a simple black and white striped top, body hugging stretch pants and fetishistic heels. To add to her chic look she wore a braided leather belt, which was tied around her slender waist.

Speaking on the occasion, the former Miss Universe Sushmita said, “To know the difference between what is the purpose of your soul is and the temptation of your ego. Temptations are temporary but the purpose of your soul when it comes to your soul is alive forever and if you lead your life, live and let live that’s when you have really lived it. Not by definition but by action. Thank you so much Sharadha for thinking of me to release this book because the book aside just the name of the book I felt like I was supposed to do this somehow”.

Also one could make out that Sushmita Sen has lost a lot of weight and is upbeat about 2014 as she feels that it’s going to be a great year for her.

“I have been preparing actually since 2013. I know every time an actor loses weight or starts looking fitter or thinner, it is always for a reason. But this is me, getting ready for the most fantastic time of my life in all aspects. Professionally and personally 2014 is going to be my year,” said a very confident Sushmita Sen.

Sushmita is eagerly awaiting the announcement of two projects, one of which goes on floors in July.

“Professionally you are going to see me back this year for sure. We have two very nice announcements, hopefully they should happen soon. The filming for one of them begins in July and the rest of them is more of combining the entrepreneur side of me and the actor and the mum side of me, all of it together,” Sushmita said.

Here’s wishing Sushmita Sen all the very best.[/tps_footer]