Taapsee Pannu And Amit Sadh Turn Into Real Wedding Planners


Taking a leaf out of their soon to be released movie Running Shaadi.com, lead actors Amit Sadh & Taapsee Pannu have turned into real wedding planners for one of Running Shaadi.com’s production crew members.

During the shooting, Amit & Taapsee came to know about Frank Martis –the still photographer’s impending wedding on mid-February’17.

Amit & Taapsee have enjoyed their roles as wedding planners in the movie so much so that their characters have come alive in real life and they took the responsibility for planning Frank’s wedding.

Frank was more than happy for Amit and Taapsee to take “charge” of his wedding plans.

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They are very excited and have told Frank to relax.

Organising a wedding is no easy task, but their impassioned characterisation in the movie has made the task simple for them.

Now Frank is keenly looking forward to exchanging his Wedding Vows.

It was extremely coincidental that while shooting for a wedding idea film we realised of a soon to happen wedding of a crew member and since weddings ceremonies are so special to all of us we thought why not make it special for him and give him small gift from our end. The team ‘The Wedding Factory’ my wedding planning company was more than happy to put things together for the bride and groom and make it a very memorable event for them. It surely was a celebration of the team spirit our cast and crew had.”, says Taapsee

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