Tamma Tamma Row: Is This Varun Dhawan’s EXCUSE For Not Calling Saroj Khan?


Varun Dhawan opens up on why they did not inform Saroj Khan for Tamma Tamma.

Getting old songs back and remixing them has probably been the new cool for the industry since the last year it seems. Take Laila O Laila for instance, Humma Humma, Saara Zamana and many more, it was now time for popular Tamma Tamma in Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

Starring Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in the leads, the song got remade as Tamma Tamma Again from Tamma Tamma Loge. Although the fans are going crazy about it, looks like the choreographer Saroj Khan is upset. She has not been invited for any promotional events of the song. The song was promoted on Instagram with Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt but Saroj Khan seemed to be nowhere.

When Saroj Khan was asked to comment over it, she said, “Maybe, they think that Masterji (referring to herself) has become old and Madhuri Dixit hasn’t. That’s why they have called her.”

She also added, “Varun is a good dancer and I know he will be able to do it (the steps) well, but I don’t know if Alia will be able to match up to Madhuri. In any case, it will be a feather in Alia’s cap.”

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When Varun Dhawan was asked about Saroj Khan’s comments, this is what he said, “I would want to apologize to Saroj Ji, but it wasn’t in my hands. I didn’t have her number and I don’t know her personally. I had asked dad (David Dhawan) for her number, but by that time he had gone to London. I know this in not an excuse. I really take her as an inspiration and even her songs. I know Sanjay sir and Madhuri mam, so I took that lead.

Varun Dhawan also added that, “I told Bosco (Tamma Tamma Again choreographer) but he was a little nervous. I agree that the song is hers as much as of Sanjay sir and Madhuri mam. She is the one who’s behind the original song and she deserves all the credit and she has all the rights to get upset with us.”

Well! Let’s see what Saroj Khan has to say about it then.

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