Tanmay Bhatt’s Take On Salman Khan’s Controversial Comment!


Tanmay-Bhatt-Salman-Khan[tps_footer]Tanmay Bhatt was in the news for his controversial video where he was seen mimicking ace icons Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. He was lashed out in media and was criticised by everyone. Tanmay has faced a lot because of this video he had posted on snap chat. Now Tanmay resurfaced a post on twitter saying, Optimism: Expecting Bollywood to take the bold stance.

Well, though he didn’t take any names directly we know that this tweet of his was indirectly targeted to Salman khan who is now in controversy for his raped woman remark. For those who don’t know, Salman Khan was asked in an interview about his shooting and schedule for Sultan to which he replied, he used to feel like a raped woman and this statement of his has garnered a lot of unwanted attention.

But speaking about Tanmay Bhatt‘s tweet, it was observed that Tanmay had deleted the tweet by afternoon, seems like the AIB comedian is in no mood to land up in another controversy this year.


While his equation with Salman Khan is not great. Salman had lashed out at Tanmay Bhatt after he joked about his Khan-Daan member. Analysing all this, we think Tanmay just wants to be away from the controversies.[/tps_footer]