Why There Are Tensions Between Shah Rukh Khan And Karan Johar?

karan joharStrangely, since a few years, Shah Rukh Khan has been continuously losing out friends. It started with Salman Khan and since then Arjun Rampal and others decided to stay away from him. Now Karan Johar too is toeing the same line. There is a defeaning buzz about his strained relations with Shah Rukh and Gauri. Here’s what we think might have fueled these differences.

  1. Salman KhanKaran Johar has signed Salman Khan for his long in talks film Shuddhi which means the producer-director has decided to side with his supposed best friend’s rival. The way Karan has become pro-Salman it seems really funny.
  2. Aamir KhanKaran Johar has also signed Aamir Khan for his next film. Now, Aamir has always taken a sadistic pleasure in pulling Shah Rukh Khan down at every opportunity. Many a times he leaned on Shah Rukh’s shoulder to get publicity for his films or television shows. In such a scenario, Karan joining the enemy camp might not have gone down well with Shah Rukh.
  3. Shah Rukh Khan himself: It seems the actor said no to one of the scripts of Karan Johar which drew the wedge. That’s really funny. What kind of a friend you are if you can’t take a no?

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