Things Purab Kohli Had To Do For His Role In P.O.W


The trailer of actor Purab Kohli’s new Tv series “Prisoners of Wars” (POW) has gained a lot of attention and praises from the audiences and also from the B-town actors. The actor essays a role like never before and not only one but plays many characters on screen in this particular series directed by Nikhil Advani. The actor has undergone some drastic changes and attuned himself to various new things for his character which isn’t a piece of cake. Here are some of the things the actor did for his role in the series:

  1. He had to watch torture videos: Doesn’t it pierce our heart when we hear someone being tortured or facing a similar incident? It surely does. The actor was made to watch torturous videos almost everyday for his character to feel the pain and intensity which would help him get the same feel on screen too. For a normal person to watch such videos are very disturbing and we can totally understand what the actor had to go through.


  1. He had to consult a psychologist before and after the shootA hail and hearty person can definitely not take the pain and depression after portraying such an intense role while watching torturous videoswhich in the end results in depression. Purab had to go through all this almost everyday as a reashe had to consult a psychologist pre and post the shoot to come out of the temporary depression and be at peace.


  1. He had to constantly juggle with his weight for Rock on 2 and POW:Along with POW the actor was also shooting for the most awaited sequel of the year Rock On 2 where in the actor’s character was completely different from the one in his tv series. One factor which was totally opposite was the weight he had to put down drastically for POW. We can only imagine the mental and physical pressure and breakdown the actor must have gone through.


  1. Helearnt Punjabi and during the shoot and now he had even more respect for the Pagg: After working on his body and mind the actor took a step ahead and learnt a new language altogether. The actor learnt Punjabi and also started respecting the Pagg he used to wear during the shoot as a sense of respect and pride.

5.He met the Sikh regiment in Mumbai as a research part for POW: The final touch to all his preparations was given when he visited the Sikh regiment in Mumbai in order to get a clear idea about the character he was playing and also learn the body language which would help him make his character more realistic.

Well Well ,Purab has given us one of the best examples of being dedicated and give not a hundred percent but definitely more than that to prepare or a role. It isn’t easy to go through such pressure and still give the best on screen but Purab has surely done that.

WOW is the word!