Salman Khan Breaks His Silence On Tiff With Aamir Khan

Aamir-khan-&-SalmanThere are namely three dominant Khans’ in our film industry and all of them have their special set of fans, genre and demands. There have always been times when they have not been the best of friends and instead given a cold shoulder to each other at public events. It is a very competitive industry and no wonders your work does not allow you to be friends with your rival competitors.

In the recent times we have seen that Salman Khan and Aamir Khan had come closer to each other and supported one another during the most difficult of times. They have had their share of differences previously but in the last few years we have seen them become friends from rivals. However things turned sour when rumors started doing rounds that Aamir tried to tease Salman regarding a particular movie of his which was not taken quite well by Mr. Dabaang. Since that day the chain reactions of avoiding each other and giving a cold shoulder to each other started.

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There has always been rumors that Salman and Aamir are both insecure about each other because they will both be seen doing similar genre movies on boxing and action namely ,’Sultan’ and ‘Dangal’ which will be quite a reason for mutual tiff. In a recent interview when Salman was questioned regarding his cold war with Aamir, the hot hunk replied politely and was quoted saying,’ Aamir Khan Ki Kissi ke Sath Anban Ho sakti Hai Kya?’ well this totally clears the air regarding their rivalry.

Looks like Aamir and Salman have both grown up and above the whole small talks and pity cold war fights. We like how the three Khans are currently in friendly relations with each other.

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