Third PK Poster: Aamir Khan And Sanjay Dutt’s Look Revealed


Aamir-PK-Poster-01 [tps_footer]The first poster of Aamir Khan‘s look in the much awaited film PK has been a topic of discussion in circles. And in the second poster Aamir Khan is wearing full clothes, dressed up as a wedding band player and is seen carrying a tuba. This has only built immense anticipation around the third poster.

Now the third motion poster is out and not only Aamir Khan‘s look is revealed, but one can also see Sanjay Dutt‘s look.

Aamir is dressed in a police officer’s uniform, which is a very ill fitted one and is looking staring grimly into the camera. And this time too the actor can be heard speaking in Bhojpuri! And Sanjay Dutt gets no new costume, he is dressed in the same wedding band player’s outfit as Aamir was in in the second poster!

In Bhojpuri he says, “Why are you staring? Are you confused? This is not me, this is my friend, Bhairon Singh.” Drum roll.

Watch Aamir Khan Speaking Bhojpuri:

Aamir tweeted: Ei dekha… PK ka humra naya adbhurteesmant… dekha aur bola… kaisan laaga?

Reportedly, Aamir Khan plays an alien who lands on earth in search of God, hoping he can then learn how to save his own planet. While on this quest, he, happens to meets a prostitute, who isAnushka Sharma and together they are able to change the way people think about God.

PK is one of the most anticipated films this year starring Aamir Khan and directed by Rajkumar HiraniPK marks the return of the 3 Idiots team. The film also features Sanjay Dutt, Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput. It is slated to release December 19, 2014.