This Brother-Sister Duo Will Make You Fit – Jashan Vij And Palak Vij

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If ever you have come across a very good gym or if anyone asks you for a gym recommendation, what name comes up to your mind ? Certainly Golds Gym khanna is the 1st name that pops up so easily.

Jashan Vij & Palak vij brother. & sister duo are the owner of golds gym khanma has been a fitness pro and health coach and has already touched more than 2000 lives so far. Jashan own story will amaze you to the core, from fat to fab losing 13 kgs at a go.

With only 1 aim in his life, to help everyone lead a healthier life, jashan has already made progress in his short career. His vision is to reach to every corner of our country and make India a better, healthier, fitter place to live.

With an ojbective of reaching 100k people in next 3 years jashan has already eyed an opportunity as well as set himself a benchmark to reach. He has incorporated fitness as his basic need and wants to pass on the same to others.

Its not only the muscles that we build up but the stamina within, maintaining a healthy heart, stress relief are some of the important aspects to be noted off. To keep up with the fast edged world and ever growing health problems it will become madatory for everyone to keep a check on their health.

Jashan realizes this importance and wants to reach as many as he can to make a better life to live. Jashan is least concerned about his competitors, he belives that as long as we are working towards a common objective of helping people live a healthier and happier life all is good. Jashan himself has been a fitness freak, 4.30 am wake up, mandatory walks and work outs twice a day and been a part of his daily schedule since long.

Jashan says the best thing about his mornings is the healthy breakfast that all his gym memebers together have with him. So jashan believes health is only happiness, blessings from god, our very own expected heaven !

Here’s wishing Palak Vij and Jashan Vij all the very best in making india a healthier place to live.

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