Sandhya Mridul To Feature In ALTBalaji’s Digital Series Mentalhood

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ALTBalaji recently announced its new web-series Mentalhood, a show on the crazy ride of Motherhood. Raising kids is an art. Some make it into a highly precise science, but most of them are like tigresses protecting their cubs. Directed by Karishma Kohli, Mentalhood will see actor Sandhya Mridul come back to the screens as a Godzilla mother. Staying true to the title, the web-series will showcase the topsy-turvy ride of the various kinds of mothers that exist and how they manoeuvre their way through unreasonable expectations and eccentricities to raise their children. Multi-tasking becomes a habit and constant worrying and guilt feeling becomes their nature.

The talented actor sandhya Mridul joins the palette of promising actors to bring this fresh concept to life. Sandhya’s character of a mother, Ajo is a perfectionist who is a supermom who will do anything to ensure that her kids are perfect and will go to any length to make them achieve that perfection. Spilling more on her role, Sandhya shared, “She is the strongest mother of the show. She is a very powerful and intimidating character who most of the mothers are extremely scared of, except for Shilpa’s character. So, she at many times borders on neurosis because of that perfection. In real life, I am also like that when I am at work. I am so passionate about what I do that I want to ensure that I do the best I can. Ajo has a very tough exterior but for those who know me, I am a complete softy inside. Like really I am butter, at some point with the whole lot of people who are close to me. So, I don’t know if Ajo’s is that inside and for that you have to find out as you watch.”

Adding further, Sandhya said “there are some things that I relate and resonate with as far as Ajo is concerned and the rest I just wing it. With what people like Karishma Kohli and the writing team and Ekta can create, we are all very excited about Ajo and that should be fun.”

Mentalhood is set to release later this year and we surely, are excited to see the mother maniacs it has for the world to see! Stay tuned to this space for more updates on the show. Download and subscribe to ALTBalaji NOW!

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