This Is The Reason Why Aamir Khan Is Missing Salman Khan’s Birthday Party


Amidst the bromance of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, seems like the third Khan of B-Town is feeling left out, Aamir Khan. Salman and Aamir have always been good friend and went out of their way to promote each other’s films on social media and press in general.

Now that SRK and Sallu bhai are back being buddies and that too like BFF, is this affecting Salman’s friendship with Aamir? Is that the reason why Aamir is going to skip Salman‘s birthday bash this year?

Salman is turning 51 this 27 December and throwing a lavish party at his Panvel farmhouse. But, the Dangal star is reportedly giving it a miss. Not because of their alleged fallout, but simply because he is not in town. Around the same time, Aamir has planned a 4 day trip (December 26-29) to Panchgani with wife Kiran Rao on the ocassion of their 11th anniversary.

A source was quoted saying to a leading daily that, “It’s a special place for him (Aamir) and Kiran as they got married there. For his 11th anniversary he has planned something big. He has a booked a couple of hotels in Panchgani for his friends who will drive down for the celebration. Also, there will be some musicians who will perform at the bash. So Aamir will miss Salman’s party as he will be at his own party.

Even though Aamir is going to miss the celebration, Salman’s reconciled friend, Shah Rukh, is going to be present for the party. So seems like it’s going to be the last but not the least exciting party of the year!!

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