This Is What Vin Diesel Had To Say About Oscars


Now that Vin Diesel is here in India promoting XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage, we finally get to talk to him. Vin Diesel, here in India promising Deepika Padukone a grand Premiere finally outspoke to the Indian media about his film.

Well! When Vin Diesel was asked about having massive collections than Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Cruise but lacking an Oscar, this is what he had to say.

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“I remember I worked with a guy Sidney Lumet, for the film Find Me Guilty. He is a wonderful guy and he talked about that prejudice. He says quite often that there’s prejudice against beautiful in Hollywood. Beautiful women are less likely to be given accolades. The term action hero is relatively mute. The term action hero came with Arnold and it’s a relatively new term. I don’t think Oscars have caught up to that and they still maintain the prejudice and it’s preposterous what movie made you feel like Furious 7 made you feel. The whole world was moved by Furious 7. I don’t make my movies for accolades, I make movies for people, everyone. I want to offer an escapism to everyone not taking an elitist approach.

Also,  Vin Diesel was asked about Deepika Padukone matching his skills and being perfect in the role. Then Vin commented saying that, “That sounds like an articular success. It sounds beautiful. It’s the intention and that’s what she had to do and she does more. I think that’s the easy part if you see it in the movie, the role that she plays of story teller is even more significant than that.

Well, XXX got a massive opening in India and is all set to release worldwide on January 20th.

XXX is Deepika Padukone‘s first Hollywood film and she is being highly appreciated by her fans and viewers.

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