Times When Salman Khan’s Father Salim Khan Came To His Rescue


Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who has no fear of anyone in Bollywood, follows the advice of only one person and its none other than his father Salim Khan. If you remember, during a campaign against fear, Salman Khan in his Dubsmash video said that his father’s wise advice to conquer his fears is ‘Jo Darr Gaya Samjho Marr Gaya’.

Well, following that, Salman Khan comes up with bold statements and speaks his mind out always but the actor is never aware of what can happen next. After every controversial statement or tweet, it’s his father Salim Khan who comes to the rescue of his son. And why not? Someone has to control the damage done by the actor intentionally or unintentionally.


Here are the times when Salim Khan either defended or felt sorry over his son Salman Khan’s controversy.

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