Tubelight: Here’s Why The Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu Is Away From The Film’s Promotions


Although director Kabir Khan promised that the actress will visit India for the promotions. Here’s the reason why she is not a part of the promotions…..

Salman Khan and Sohail Khan are currently very busy with the promotions of his upcoming movie, Tubelight. Even the director of the movie, Kabir Khan and the child artiste are contributing in the promotions of the movie. But no one’s attention is distracted from Zhu Zhu and people are wondering where the female lead of the movie is. She was not a part of the promotions and has never been seen alongside the actors or the director. At an event, when Kabir Khan was countered with this question, he said, ”She’s busy there in China, isi liye woh aa nahi paayi hai (that’s why she couldn’t come). Before release definitely not.”

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The director’s remark was speculated and now, the real reason for Zhu Zhu’s absence has been revealed. A source informed Bollywoodlife, ”The Chinese government isn’t too pleased with Tubelight and have apprehensions about how Kabir Khan and the team have projected their country in this film. Considering that the film deals with the Ind0-Chinese war they are not sure if the Chinese have been projected in the right light. And that’s why Zhu Zhu has been asked to stay away from the film’s promotions.”

Well, everyone is eagerly waiting for the next blockbuster that Salman Khan has to offer. The film releases on June 23.

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