Udta Punjab Row: After Getting Slammed, Pahlaj Nihalani Breaks Silence!


Pahlaj-Nihlani-UDta-Punjab[tps_footer]Pahlaj Nihalani is making headlines lately for all the wrong happenings. The Censor Board Chief who was blamed for being irrational in his decisions has finally opened up on the same. The ‘Udta Punjab’ controversy back fired on Nihalani and the Censor Board. The film which is based on the sensitive case of drug abuse in Punjab has finally got a green signal.


The ‘Udta Punjab’ row not only brought to light the discrepancies in the Censor Board but it also hinted at the lack of creative freedom. Many Bollywood celebrities came forward and expressed their angst against Pahlaj Nihalani. Most of the people also demanded that the entity should be out of the Board.


After receiving all sorts of negative comments from the people and the stars, Pahlaj Nihalani has finally given his reply. The Chief in an interview to a leading daily commented, “I am not answerable to the film industry. If the government asks me to step down, I’ll do so. I’ve been doing my job honestly and sincerely. No producer can claim his film was delayed because of the CBFC. There is zero corruption in the CBFC and we are working towards online certification. I am happy with my performance in the CBFC. For those who are unhappy with what I’ve done, I’ve no apology to offer. Don’t target me for doing my job.”

The Censor Board Chief was blamed for suggesting meaningless cuts in the film. The makers of the film decided to move to the High Court. The HC gave its verdict in favor of ‘Udta Punjab’ and also stated that the Censor Board need not act as a grandmother.

Well, now whether Pahlaj Nihalani will step out of the Censor Board or no only time will tell.[/tps_footer]