Ugly Director Anurag Kashyap On The Hunt For New Talent


anurag kashyap Main coverAnurag Kashyap is very keen to meet new and young bollywood aspirants.

The ace director has often cast young and new talent in his own films.

He strongly believes there are a lot of talented people out there, who with the right kind of guidance will be able to make inroads in the industry​.​

While he has been mulling over the thought for a while, Anurag has now decided to concretely take it up to meet them and guide them​.​

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He has spoken to his team about the same. They have had active conversations internally on the same and will be reaching out to the aspirants by visiting coffee shops, theaters and other usual hang out places which aspirants are known to frequent.

Anurag is keen to do this as often as possible and is now trying to at least devote an hour in about a fortnight to meet and guide them.

He wants to give them advice and do whatever best he can.

The director will be meeting people at Barista, Versova, today December 24, at 4 pm.

Spokesperson confirms the news adding, ‘Anurag is looking forward to meet these young aspirants and feels there is a lot to be given and taken’.