Varun Dhawan Has Found A New Love!


_ABCD-2-Varun-REmo-006Bollywood’s one of the hottest and youngest stars, Varun Dhawan has found a new love and he seemed so happy about it that he shared it with all his fans! Oh wait, before you jump to any conclusion and assume that we are talking about Varun’s new girlfriend, no you have got it all wrong!

ABCD 2’s star Varun Dhawan surely has found a new love and it is a woman alright, but not his girlfriend. To put it simply, Varun has fallen in love with a woman’s skills of creating funny Vines! Oh, don’t know what Vines are? Well, Vines is an app that lets the user create short funky and quirky videos and matter of fact, these videos are quite a trend currently. While Varun Dhawan is out and busy shooting for his upcoming film Dilwale by director Rohit Shetty, he came across Punjabi Vines creator Mansi Parasher on Internet. The star went through her quirky and funny short videos and totally loved it.

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How do we know? Well, the Badlapur actor himself expressed his fondness for the videos on micro blogging site Twitter! Varun loved Mansi’s funny videos so much that he stared it on its Twitter account by tweeting, “This is epic #newlove”

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Varun then retweeted Mansi’s another video on his Twitter account. While his fans were busy watching the videos shared by the star, Mansi found out about Varun’s tweet and was on seventh heaven! She couldn’t believe that Varun Dhawan not only saw her Vines but also loved it.

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While we are talking about Varun and love, the star only recently spoke up about his relationship with rumoured girlfriend Natasha Dalal. In a recent interview Varun Dhawan was asked whether he is keeping mum about his alleged girlfriend to not lose his fan following, the star replied saying it’s nothing like that and that he simply likes to keep his private life private and doesn’t want his personal life to take over professional life. The star didn’t just stop there, he went further revealing that his private life is very exciting!

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