Varun Dhawan Talks About His First Action Film!


Varun-Dhawan-John-AbRaham-Dishoom[tps_footer]John Abraham and Varun Dhawan starer Dishoom is all set to release this July. Where John Abraham is known for his deadly and daredevil action moves, ‘Dishoom‘ is Varun Dhawan‘s first tryst with this genre. Varun in his previous films, has shown us many shades — good, bad, ugly. And now it’s time to pack in some punch, the kind that makes action heroes.

Varun Shares, “Dishoom’ is my first all-out action film, and I couldn’t believe the kind of stunts that John and I have done,” . Varun feels that action gives him some kind of kick.


Varun has done some never seen before daredevil stunts in the film, elaborating on one such stunt, Varun adds, “I am playing a cop from Middle East, and we shot those portions there. Of course, as a film we took the liberty of doing things that cops wouldn’t do, like hanging from a helicopter. And I think that was the craziest stunt that I have done. When the scene was designed, we hadn’t thought of the repercussion, as we didn’t know that we would hang from that height. We were at the height at which planes fly at low levels, and we had a good pilot who had served in the British army, so it felt safe. Both of us had to lean out of the helicopter, and we were flying against the wind. At that height, with the impact of the wind blowing into your face, it’s an adrenaline rush that you can’t explain. It is a different high. We were screaming loudly — I don’t know if it was fear or excitement. But I guess, when you are out there hanging at that height, you are way beyond fear.”


The Badlapur actor has done all by himself, Varun has not used any body double. Explaining it further, Varun says “This is my first shot at action and it is my brother’s film (Rohit Dhawan), so I wanted to leave no stone unturned. During an action scene I even fainted, but I am at that age where I can physically push myself. And I think that when you use body doubles, it shows,”

Varun had a great time shooting for all the action sequences. In fact, Varun even posed from a skyscraper, when people started to click pictures of him, while they were shooting for the film.

Directed by Rohit Dhawan, Dishoom is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala‘s banner NGE.

The film is presented by Eros International and is all set to hit the silver screen on 29th July, 2016[/tps_footer]