This Video Of Tanmay Bhat is SHOCKING And Creating Controversy!


[tps_footer]Tanmay Bhat has been the popular face in the comedy genre since he began AIB  and of course not to forget the infamous AIB Roast which was extremely controversial. Looks like Tanmay also has another hobby apart from surfing Zomato! He seems to love drama and controversies and so his latest antic got him into some trouble as he recently posted a video on social media where the legendary Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar get into a war of words over Virat Kohli, but looks like this time he went too far insulting these legends in the name of comedy. Not happening at all!

A few comedy punches that were truly demeaning :

#1 Lata Tai you are 5000 years old so say the PHUCK out of this

#2 Your face looks like someone has kept you in water for 8 days

#3 Jon Snow also died, so you should also die

Some of the people from Bollywood fraternity and of course, over twitter have raised their voice against this poorly made joke by AIB. A few notables are Riteish Deshmukh, Celina Jaitley, KRK,

Not cool, AIB![/tps_footer]