Vikram Bhatt Comments On His Extramarital Affair With Sushmita Sen

Sushamita-Sen-[tps_footer]Vikram Bhatt is now in the news for his directorial ‘Love Games’. The film which is gathering eyeballs for its bold trailer has hit the screens today. Vikram Bhatt has been away from the controversies for a while now, however, earlier the director was swarmed by the same. Recently while discussing his film ‘Love Games’ the filmmaker confessed on his affair with actress Sushmita Sen.

The Love Games director was all frank and commented on his relationship with Sushmita. The filmmaker while discussing a particular character in the film said, “I was having an extramarital affair with Sushmita (Sen) and was going through a divorce.  I was very depressed — it’s like your whole life is crumbling around you. I remember standing on the 6th floor of a building, looking down and thinking, ‘What if I jump? Will it not solve all my problems?’ It was such a real thought, I stepped back. It was a moment of coming closest to suicide.”

Then Vikram Bhatt was asked whether he is still in contact with Sushmita, the director said, “No, and it’s not that I am avoiding her. It’s just that it hasn’t happened.” The filmmaker also added that “We were too young, then. I was 27, she was just 20. We were a bundle of immaturity.”

On expressing more about his film ‘Love Games’ the director reasoned out why he made such a bold film saying that “I have written about 200 stories on Facebook. I have now taken a break because of Love Games. A girl came up to me in a mall and said, ‘Sir, I am a big fan of yours’. When I thanked her, she clarified, ‘Not of your movies, but your stories’. She said, ‘Why don’t you make movies on such stories? We see two different Vikram’s in the stories that you write and the movies that you make.”

The director added, “I told her, ‘I write stories for myself. While making movies, I have to think about the producer, distributor, etc… Also, I don’t think that my stories would have any takers’. She shot back, ‘You’re wrong. We are ready, but the filmmakers are not.”


Well,  after an intrinsic revelation Vikram Bhatt is appearing to be confident about his directorial. The film ‘Love Games’ has already released today!

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