Vin Diesel Reveals What Is So Special To Work With Deepika Padukone


Vin Diesel has been truly over whelmed in his trip to India be it the reception at the airport or the crowd turnout in the press conference that was held before the premiere of of xXx: Return of Xander Cage in India. It is Deepika Padukone debut movie in Hollywood and she is going all out to promote the film.

There was an evidently crackling chemistry between the two and Vin couldn’t stop praising his gorgeous co-star. When one of the reporters asked Vin about what he found so special about working with Deepika and would he like to work with DP again, Vin smiled at the question thoughtfully and repeated it saying, “What is so special to work with Deepika and would you like to work with her again?” It was at this point that the director DJ Caruso interrupted and said, “How many days shoot are you talking about?” and there was a wave of laughter.

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Vin added,”How soon?” and asked Caruso, “When are we working together again? Do you have a date? To this, Caruso replied saying, “I heard that I should start preparing something to be ready for spring, early summer.

Vin exclaimed “Wow! I think that tells you a little something…If in May, we are filming for Viacom the next xXx, it would be very evident how much I like working with her.” Did he just confirm that xXx 4 is on the cards? We think he did, for Caruso added laughing, “It’s titled Serena’s Revenge.”

For all you unaware souls, Deepika’s character name in the movie is Serena Unger.

Vin further went on to genuinely praise Deepika saying, “She is very, very special to me. You just have to see my Facebook of last year to realise how special she is to me. There is no one like her. You (Indians) get to claim her, this is her origin. But she is the queen of the world, so the whole world will get to claim her.

His answer was received with hoots and applause from the audience.

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