Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan To Slam VJ Bani For Hitting Lopamudra Raut?


Tonight, the audience will witness one of the ugliest fights of the show between Bigg Boss 10 contestants VJ Bani and Lopamudra Raut. It all started during the BB Call Centre task after Lopamudra Raut said Bani that she uses her mother as a weapon to gain sympathy in the game. She made more personal comments on Bani, which left her angry. Bani immediately heads to hit Lopamudra Raut and choke’s her by catching her waist. Lopa too hits her back. Both the girls physically attacked each other but so far; Bigg Boss has not taken any action against them and has just given a warning.

Well, Bani and Lopa have been spared by Bigg Boss but will Salman Khan spare them during the weekend ka vaar episode? Will Salman Khan take Bani’s case for heading first to hit Lopamudra Raut? Well, only time will tell better!

Meanwhile, Bani’s fans are quite happy that no punishment has been given to her as Lopa deserved that for dragging Bani’s mom in the game. On the other hand, viewers are in question why has Bani not given a severe punishment for hitting Lopa. Earlier, Rohan Mehra was nominated for the entire season for strongly pushing Om Swami and was also not allowed to participate in the Ticket to finale task.

It remains to see how Salman Khan reacts to the catfight incident and that who has to pay for the mistake.

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