What Did Vin Diesel Whisper To Deepika Padukone Infront Of The Huge Crowd?


Amidst much fanfare and traditional welcome that Deepika Padukone and his xXx:Return of Xander Cage co-star Vin Diesel received at the Mumbai airport, the two later headed to a city mall to interact with awaiting fans, who’d turned up in great numbers, to see these two superstars live together.

Ever since, Diesel is not letting go of a single opportunity to praise this gorgeous diva from Bollywood. Diesel, who said it was his dream to visit India, gave credits of his India trip to Deepika and called her an angel. He was very impressed with the crowd turn-out too.

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He was vocal with his praise about his co-star and also admired her beauty. The two shared a crackling chemistry on the stage as well.

However, the actor who could barely contain his love and admiration for Deepika, proceeded on to what looked like to kiss her blushing cheeks, as director DJ Caruso looked away shyly.

He couldn’t be kissing her for that long, it just seemed he was whispering a sweet little something in her ears. Do you think they were planning a next movie in the xXx series? Or was he just complimenting her on how beautiful she looked that evening? Something Diesel said that did make Padukone blush. What do you think guys? Our guess is as good as yours!

xXx:Return of Xander Cage is set to hit the theatres on January 14.

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