Gigi Hagid’s Birthday Message For Her Beau Zayn Malik!


Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik celebrates his birthday today. No doubt that birthday wishes must be pouring in for him from all directions but no doubt the most special were from Gigi Hadid.

This handsome 24-years-old Zayn Malik is currently dating supermodel Gigi Hagid. Taking to Instagram, Gigi to share a brooding photograph of the birthday boy with a special message: “happy birthday my handsome! so lucky to know and love a soul like yours, wishing you the best year ever!!!

Fans have followed the young couple’s journey throughout their relationship over the last few years, and while there have been some bumps in the road, it’s hard to deny the genuine connection and sparks that surrounds these two lovebirds.

Another surprise, rather shock was when the Pillowtalk hitmaker had also been contacted by his former bandmate, Liam Payne. Tweeting directly, Liam wrote: ‘Happy birthday bro! Hope all is well and you have a good day celebrating it’. The message came as a surprise to fans as Zayn Malik did not appear to have remained on good terms with his former bandmates.

We wish Zayn Malik a very happy Birthday!

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