Vir Das, Shaad Randhwa And Milap Zaveri’s Interesting Journey Together From Comedy To Serious Films


Actor- comedian Vir Das who recently vowed the audiences by trying something new other than comedy which is his genre. It now seems that Vir along with Milap Zaveri and Shaad Randhwa are moving towards a new genre in acting which is from comedy to serious films.

Milap Zaveri will soon be coming up with a short film “Raakh” starring Vir Das, Shaad Randhwa and actress Richa Chadha in the lead roles. When asked Milap about the upcoming venture he said, “This was unchartered territory for us all. To make a conscious shift from a genre we were comfortable with something completely unknown was a risk. But as a film maker I was ready to take the leap of faith, and Raakh seemed to be the ideal project to start with.

Actor Vir Das who will also be seen in a new avatar said, ” It’s a privilege to be able to make unpredictable choices. The only way to grow as an artist is to put yourself in environments that scare the hell out of you. Raakh was one of those environments for me. It took me to a dark place that no film has. And Milap and I reinvented the way we work together.”

He further added, “The journey from comedy to serious and dark roles has taken a while…I’m glad I’m finally having the chance to do both and that the audience doesn’t know what to expect next.”

Well after all this buzz in the media we also asked Shaad about the same about his experience to which he added saying, “Raakh pushed me to limits that I didn’t even know I had. The 2 days of shoot were full of blood, sweat, darkness. Milap helped create an atmosphere of drama and adrenalin on the sets which was a far cry from the mood that exists on a comedy film. As an actor I discovered an internal intensity that scared me.

Well it would be a great treat to watch the trio as they have a lot of experiences to share from the shoot itself.

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