Vishwaroopam Ban: Kamal Haasan, Knocking On Supreme Court’s Door


CHENNAI: For veteran filmmaker Kamal Haasan, the troubles over his ‘Vishwaroopam’ don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The Madras High Court has upheld the decision of the Tamil Nadu Government and the film remains banned in the State until February 6.

The spy thriller with a reported budget of a whopping Rs 95 crore, ‘Vishwaroopam’ was scheduled to release in Tamil and Telugu on January 25 (After the DTH matter postponed its Jan 11 original date). However, due to protests by the TMMK (Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam), the Tamil Nadu government imposed a two-week ban on the film, in spite of the Censor Board having cleared ‘Vishwaroopam’.

After the High Court’s decision supporting the Government, a supremely upset Kamal Haasan threatens to leave the ‘non -secular’ State, or even the country altogether.

“I will look at all the states from Kashmir to Kerala excluding Tamil Nadu. If I don’t find one which is secular, I will leave for another country. M F Hussain had to leave, now Haasan will have to,” said the melancholic actor turned director.

While the due process in the Courts continues, two theatres in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu which were to screen ‘Vishwaroopam’ were attacked by petrol bombs. The agitation continues despite the fact that the filmmaker Haasan agreed to cut out substantial portions of the film.

“I think Muslim brothers and I have been caught in a political game. I don’t know what is happening, I don’t want to understand it too much. I have pledged all my property to make the movie. Now, they are with the financier and if the money is not paid back, he will be the owner of everything, including this house,” said Haasan at a press conference at his residence-office on Eldams Road in Chennai.

“If one movie is threatening the unity, then I say here, take my property,” added a dejected Kamal. The filmmaker’s counsel may appeal to the Supreme Court of India today. Says Haasan, “For now I may wait before approaching the Supreme Court. I am hurt, but I am calm.”