Watch: Aamir Khan Finally Breaks His Silence On PK Controversies


Pk-Aamir-Khan-SpeaksWe all know Aamir Khan’s PK has run into controversies for long before the release date as well as after the release. The film has been dragged under controversies since day one, saying that the film has hurt religious sentiments.

Aamir Khan who sat quiet during the on going controversies on his movie has finally spoken up out.  During the ‘Youth For Governance’ event Aamir Khan was asked various questions about his movie PK controversies to which he replied very smartly and in a polite way.

He was asked to share his thoughts on PK movie which became a hit all over. Do hit films lead to controversies or else controversial films lead to hit? To which he replied, “Film goes hit when it’s liked by audience. The success of the film is based only one thing and that is how good you can make the film?

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“No matter what you do, you can’t make a bad film work. And no matter what you do, you can’t kill a good film. It works both ways,” he added.

According to Aamir Khan if a person raised an issue against the movie he gets publicity instantly. He even said that PK ran into controversies on the every first page of the newspaper, and is the easy way for any person to gain the publicity.

“The person who files complaint against the movie got his name on the front page”, he added.

This is for the first time Aamir Khan broke his silence and spoke freely about his movie PK controversies. Recently the actor also shared his disliking on the AIB roasting with Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.


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