Watch: Aamir Khan Reveals When Sachin Tendulkar Cheered For Him!

Watch: Aamir Khan Reveals When Sachin Tendulkar Cheered For Him!

Aamir Khan is excited for Sachin: A Billion Dreams

On Twitter, Aamir Khan shared his eagerness to watch the movie ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams‘ that is scheduled to release on May 26.

In his video, that is 1 and a half minute long, he shares why he loves Sachin Tendulkar and what is it that he will always remember Sachin for.

He says that he is always cheering for the cricketer but it was a touching experience to have Sachin cheer for him. He recollects the moment when Sachin Tendulkar cheered for Aamir Khan while he played Cricket for the movie ‘Lagaan‘.

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At the screening of the Raj Kamal Theatres, Aamir Khan could see Sachin Tendulkar through a window. He noticed Sachin’s emotions as the match progressed.

When the match started, Sachin Tendulkar was nervous and biting his nails. Then after the first British wicket fell, Sachin jumped out of his seat to screamed out.

At this moment Aamir was so overwhelmed, he felt blessed watching Sachin getting engrossed in a match that was played by him and see Sachin enjoy that match.

Watch Aamir Khan Talk about his Sachin Tendulkar Moment in the video below.

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