Watch: Ajaz Khan’s Comment On Rakhi Sawant- Sunny Leone Controversy


Remember Rakhi Sawant’s ”Leela ko main geela kar dungi! dialogue for Sunny Leone at a recent event? The bold actress took a dig on Sunny saying that the industry is affected by such actresses and that they should be thrown out of India. Not just Rakhi Sawant, also actress Celina Jaitly had lashed out at the sensuous Sunny Leone recently.

Recently during an event, Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan was asked to give his opinion on the same. He said, “I heard Rakhi Sawant and Celina Jaitly comment something on Sunny Leone. I can’t say anything on it. I will say just one thing, that both Rakhi and Sunny are my friends and I suggest them to go on a holiday together for some days and forget all the grudges and stay happy.”

Well, all we can say to this helpless and stressed Rakhi Sawant to think on Ajaz Khan’s suggestion for a better future!

On the other hand, must say Rakhi is quiet entertaining at times. Remember her ‘chitting’ comment on AIB roast. No wonder, Rakhi Sawant’s weird talks and weird laughs are never ending. Day by day you will come across with something new from her with the changing seasons that would make you laugh.

All we can say to Sunny Leone is, you seem to be on the hit list of Rakhi Sawant and Celina Jaitly. Alert alarm!

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