WATCH: Ex-Lover Ranbir Kapoor Irritates Katrina Kaif In An Interview


The ex-flames got into an argument during an interview as Ranbir interrupted Katrina everytime she spoke.

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are on a promotional spree for their upcoming movie, Jagga Jasoos, a fantasy musical movie. Recently, the actors were present at MTV Insider. It was supposed to be a normal interview with the stars answering the questions that are put forward for them about their professional and sometimes about their personal lives. But, it went all wrong at this interview when Ranbir Kapoor tried to mansplain his ex-girlfriend, Katrina Kaif.

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In the interview with VJ Xerxes, at a point when Ranbir was finished answering a question, Xerxes asked Katrina about her character, Shruti’s relationship with Jagga. Katrina told about both the characters being emotional when Ranbir interrupted her and said that Shruti( Katrina) treats Jagga (Ranbir) as a kid as if he doesn’t know anything in this world. Evidently, Katrina was annoyed as she said, ”And in real life, he treats me like a kid like I know nothing because he won’t let me finish my sentences.” To which Ranbir said, “In life, I am talking about in the film.”

The actress was visibly very irritated by Ranbir’s way of talking but the actor continued, ”Her character is disaster prone. She is a calamity, Jane. Wherever she goes, disaster follows…”
Katrina then said, ”I can also say this. You do realize you’re talking about my character when I am sitting right here.” Ranbir replies, “Yeah, but you are not saying it properly. I am the producer of the film. I can talk about it.”

After a while, when Katrina was asked how it was to work with Ranbir again. She said, ”Before, he used to come to the sets thinking we are in this together. Now he comes on the sets to teach me and we just need to understand that we are in his great presence.”

Ranbir contradicted her and said, ”I just want to… you know… better her in any which way possible as a human being and as an artist, as an actress, as a star.”

Katrina was extremely irritated by this behavior as she kept shaking her head as Ranbir spoke. She even rolled her eyes at the actor and silently mouthed the words unbelievable, shocking. Maybe Ranbir must be reminded that Katrina has been a star in the industry for more years than Ranbir and he cannot think bettering Katrina as she knows what to do with her career and life.

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