Watch: Milind Soman’s 78 Year Old Mother Pulls Off A Plank For 80 Seconds

Watch: Milind Soman's 78 Year Old Mother Pulls Off A Plank For 80 Seconds

Milind Soman’s mother Usha Soman is 78 years old and it seems like fitness runs in their genes.

Milind Soman at 51, has already proved his fitness after the model-actor completed the toughest triathlon and earned the title of the ‘Ironman.’ And now Mr.Soman is in news back again and this time it is not because of himself but because of his mother.

While the rest of the world was celebrating Mother’s Day posting selfies on social media, the Milind Somans chose a different route.

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Milind Soman took to Instagram and shared a video of his 78-year-old mother doing plank in a saree. The video is already going viral and we can’t stop praising Mrs.Soman for her dedication.

Milind captioned the video saying, 1min 20sec plank for Mother’s day! Not her personal best but good all the same

What is also interesting about the video is the hashtags Milind Soman has used. One of the hashtags is #Nextispushups and it seems like Mrs Soman is going to suprise us yet again doing push – ups.

The video has currently got over 32,000 views, over 10,800 likes and lots of comments and the numbers are going up as we type. The video is inspiring, to say the least. Last year it was a video of Soman’s mother running a marathon barefoot in a sari along with her son that had set social media ablaze.

We salute the dedication she has even at this age and now we know where our very own Ironman gets that kind of strength from.

KUDOS to the Soman’s!

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