Watch: Rakhi Sawant’s Shocking Revelation On AIB Controversy 


AIB grabbed all the attention for their Knockout Roast episode. Whatever that was said and done in the show, gave birth to a lot of controversies. Many FIRs were filed. People argued, agreed and disagreed on the topic. We saw a lot of debates take place on the Social Networking Sites. A lot of Btowners reacted on the whole roast act but this recent one will surely make your eyes pop out.

Recently, at Gurmeet Choudhary‘s birthday bash, during the interaction, Rakhi Sawant blew the whistle on AIB Controversy and revealed the secret! Yes, she did! The actress Rakhi Sawant made a shocking revelation. She claimed that AIB fooled, in her words “cheated” their audiences.

Rakhi not only shocked us, but the AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhatt as well, and he agrees with her, too. Tanmay expressed his reactions on his official Twitter account. he tweeted

According to Rakhi Sawant, all the abuses and offensive words that were shown in the video, never actually happened. Yes, that’s what Rakhi believes. Not only that, but she went further on and also revealed that Ranveer and Karan, who are her “very good friends”, never actually said any of it. In fact, all of it was dubbed! Yes, you heard it right. It was “dubbed”.

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