Watch: Shah Rukh Khan Charmed His Way At TED Talk 2017 And Left Everyone In Splits!

Shah Rukh Khan, Ted Tallks 2017

All of us were eagerly waiting for Shah Rukh Khan’s TED Talk conference as soon as it was reported that he is flying to Vancouver to participate in the Ted 2017 conference.

The King Khan of Bollywood spoke at a session entitled Tales of Tomorrow last night and seems like he charmed his way through it with his quick humour as well as lungi dance!! He touched on everything from his reputation as the “King of Romance” to the ways that the world has changed since the introduction of the internet.

Though SRK didn’t stick to one topic like the usual TED talks, but seems like he was the funniest TED speaker of 2017.

The amazing thing about his TED talk was that not only were the audience inside the Vancouver Convention Center engaging with him, his millions of fans across the globe trended hashtag on the site (#SRKLiveAtTEDTalks). There were fans that couldn’t get in, were waiting out! That’s the SRK magic, you only have to see it to believe it!

He spoke on various things:

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On humanity, he said, “Humanity is a lot like me. It’s an aging movie star, grappling with all the newness, wondering whether she got it right.”

About the internet, SRK said, “We had expected an expansion of ideas and dreams; we had not bargained for the enclosure of judgement.”

At his funny self again: “I looked at my face and realized I am starting to look more and more like my wax statue at Madame Tussauds.”

Sharing some pearls of wisdom, he said, “You can use your energy to spread the darkness of destruction or you can use it to spread the joy of light to millions.”

Shah Rukh Khan  also recalled how life was simpler in the earlier times, unlike the present which is complicated. “The framework of life was simple then. You ate what you could find, and you did what you were told to do. You married the first girl you dated, and you were a techie if you could fix the carburetor in your car. You went wherever life took you for work, and people were mostly welcoming of you … Most important, you were who you were, and you said what you thought.”

Later this year, Shah Rukh Khan will be hosting a Hindi version of the TED talks on Star Plus, titled TED Talks India: Nayi Soch.

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