Watch: Sunny Leone Finally BREAKS SILENCE To Ram Gopal Varma’s Nasty Tweets


Sunny Leone finally speaks up on Ram Gopal Varma’s latest tweets.

Director Ram Gopal Varma is known for his controversial tweets. The recent one being on Sunny Leone. It all started on International Women’s Day. While the whole world was celebrating International Women’s Day, RGV celebrated Happy Men’s Day. The director insulted Sunny and in no time, he garnered the wrath of Twitterati for his nasty tweets.

However, Leone has posted a video on Twitter. She asks all the fans and people to change their mindset. She did not mention any names in her video, but of course it’s evident who she talking about.

In the video, Sunny says: “Change only happens when we have one voice, so let’s choose your words wisely! Peace and love!!”

Watch here:

Well, after those controversial tweets, a complaint was filed against director Ram Gopal Verma. An activist Vishaka Mhambre had filed a case in Goa over RGV‘s controversial tweet on Sunny Leone.

Check out Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets for Sunny Leone.

After Sunny’s reaction, RGV also posted an apology.