Watch: This Spoof On How Awards Are Given Will Open Your Minds And Make You Laugh!

[tps_footer]Awards have always been a favorite season for all Bollywood celebrities. Be it an international honor or award nights in the home front, almost all stars as well as masses look forward to the same. However, it’s not new to say that the reality of awards is quite different from what we witness on the stage. There have been many arguments on how the awards are presented to the respective stars.


Recently an open letter by a journalist also stated that awards are given to those celebs who perform at the show or the ones who at least make their presence. A lot has been said about the manipulation that goes around while deciding the awards for a particular category.

This spoof by SnG Comedy is a an eye opener to all those who think award shows are an out and out evaluation of talent. The video features four panelists, one is the critic, second is the director, third is the editor and fourth is the sponsor.


This video which showcases the ill logic behind the granting of awards is not only a replica of truth but is also a laugh riot in itself. The video is a laughing pad when the sponsor asks which stars will be attending and moves to a reality check when the critic interrupts saying why not give best actress to Richa Chadha for ‘Masaan’. The spoof is totally worth a watch. Well, it’s sad to see how Bollywood awards are actually decided by the panel![/tps_footer]

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