Watch Trailer: Arvind Swamy Starrer Dear Dad Is A Concoction Of Emotions!


Dear-Dad-[tps_footer]Roja actor Arvind Swamy is making a comeback on the silver screen with his upcoming film ‘Dear Dad’. The trailer of the film has released and is impressive to the core. ‘Dear Dad’ stars actors Himanshu Sharma, Ekavali Khanna and Aman Uppal. The official trailer has finally made its way to the masses and the film is appearing to be a modern age family drama.

‘Dear Dad’ initiates with a happy family scenario wherein all the characters are in a content mode. With the flow of emotions and amidst the smiles the trailer mostly focuses on the father- son relationship. The film ‘Dear Dad’ will lay emphasis on the strong bond between a father and a son. However, the twist in the tale is also depicted in the trailer. Arvind Swamy will be seen as the principle character in the film.

The film is expected to be a sensitive one with unsaid truths and hidden relations. The trailer gives us the hint that the family faces a troubled situation emotionally due to some unknown confessed things. The film is assumed to dictate how the healthy bond between the father and the son ruins due to a problem. The trailer has a mix of sentiments and is family centric.

Not dwelling much into the details, the trailer does not showcase the actual reason for the outrage. ‘Dear Dad’ is directed by Tanuj Bhramar. The film will hit the screens on May 6th, 2016.