Life Of Pi Trainer Michael Hackenberger Charged With Animal Cruelty

Life-Of-Pi[tps_footer]Life Of Pi tiger Richard Parker’s trainer Michael Hackenberger has been charged guilty by the animal rights group PETA for beating a Siberian tiger during his training. Reportedly, in December 2015, the Bowmanville Zoo owner was filmed beating the young tiger for 19 times.


After reviewing and investigating Bowmanville Zoo thoroughly, Ontario’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on April 13, filed charges against Hackenberger with five counts of animal cruelty. He was also charged for failing to comply with the animal care standards required by law. Currently, SPCA is closely monitoring Hackenberger’s zoo.

According to the reports, PETA is happy on how the culprit has been charged and has stated that this ends his ‘torment of animals made to suffer for human entertainment.’


On the other hand, Hackenberger, in response, has accused PETA of fabricating the footage. In his Facebook, he posted, “While I am not guilty of the charges against me, the welfare of the zoo and the animals that it serves has always been my principal concern. To this end, I am standing down from the position of Director of Bowmanville Zoo until such time as this legal matter is resolved. To all who have reached out in support I thank you. Your encouragement has been a tonic in these difficult times.”

Well, if Hackenberger is found guilty, he will face a maximum sentence of two years in jail, $66,000 fine. He might also suffer lifetime ban on owning an animal.