Watch Video: Sunny Leone’s Hot Fitness Anthem Will Make You Want To Workout!

Sunny-Leone-WorkoutWhen we work out we need inspiration, we search some hip and fit trainer jumping in front of us in enthusiasm inspiring us to work out. Well Sunny Leone has recently launched her fitness video DVD, in the video we see her wearing the most fitting, sexy and yet decent work-out costume, showing us her exercising moves. She has done it all from crunches to Pilates, from push-ups to pull ups but not a line of stress or tiredness hits her face. She makes it all look so easy that we might actually get up from our couches and think about working out.

The video is all about Sunny Leone, we see her, we listen to her and we follow her moves. There is a music track which plays in the back-ground, it is being composed and sung by two new yet famous singers Darshan Raval and Rimi Nique. We had a lot of hope from these two new-comers yet they have not lived up to our expectations. The music track falls flat in front of the energy and happy vibe which we receive from Sunny Leone. She is shown working out those tough moves in front of a swimming pool; we now know how she maintains her ultra sexy body.

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Some things however are not going good in Sunny’s life; filmmaker Kanti Shah who is known for making sleazy and shady films is soon going to make a film titled, ‘Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hoon’. But all is not well with this speculated project. It is being said that Sunny Leone and husband Daniel are not at all pleased with this venture. The speculated movie ‘Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hoon’ to be directed by Kanti Shah is said to be based on a virgin who then becomes a top p*** star. Rumors suggest that it is based on Sunny Leone.

It is in reports that Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel are soon going to sue the director for this project. The duo also plans to take a step forward and file a legal action against the filmmaker for unofficially using Sunny Leone’s identity.

We wish Sunny all the best for her fitness video which definitely is quite inspiring.

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