WEEKEND WRAP: Thumbs DOWN – Bollywood’s Worst Dressed Men


MUMBAI: When actors get it all wrong and there is nothing stylish about anything. It’s Thumbs Down to the worst dressed men of Bollywood

Dhanush – Not sure if this is Hero material. With the casual black jeans, and black shirt, Dhanush just seems like any other passerby on street. Doesn’t seem in anyway it is his first Bollywood film. This too simple look may work otherwise, but not while promoting your first film. Ohh!! ‘Raanjhanaa’

Gholu Ghanchakkar – It seems, Emraan Hashmi, has just woken from his sleep and attended the music launch of ‘Ghanchakkar’. The red polka dotted night suit would work for the character on screen, but surely not for an event. If this is director Rajkumar Gupta’s idea, Emraan Hashmi is safe, else its bizzare, Gholu Ghanchakkar!

The Uncool Brother – Arpita Khan’s fight with model-actress Lisa Bocarro might have made news. But at Kunal Khemu’s birthday party it was distressing to see Sohail Khan, who had come to pick Arpita Khan. The grey Fitch pyjamas and black t-shirt just seemed that Sohail Khan is heading for a midnight jog. It was a party Sohail Khan. We wonder why the skullcap in the scorching summer heat?

Whose Birthday Is It – It never seemed like it is Kunal Khemu’s birthday. Casually dressed in a grey t-shirt and blue jeans, it was like the actor was a guest at someone else’s party. Who dresses for a birthday in such thanda outfit .

‘Short’ Cut Birthday – Aamir Khan, never really has appealed with his style. The perfectionist actor was spotted at Karan Johar’s birthday bash in checked shorts and a grey t-shirt. The ‘Bata’ chappals did not match up anywhere close to the persona of Aamir Khan.