What’s Wrong With Hrithik Roshan?




Fenny-03[tps_footer]Hrithik Roshan has been through a lot last year. If his brain surgery wasn’t enough, he also had to go through a shocking separation from his wife. They have filed for divorce which is yet to be finalized. But as efficient parents both Sussanne and he are ensuring that their kids don’t have to go through any upheaval in their life. It seems all these have taken a toll on this Greek God of India.

Hrithik Roshan attended the special screening of Finding Fanny recently and looked very depressed and weak. Clad in black T-shirt and baggy pants, Hrithik seemed lost in thoughts when he posed for photographers. He was also looking pretty weak. He also seemed very tired of the regular drill. We wonder if it was the affect of the film or Hrithik himself, we couldn’t see the drop dead gorgeous man of Indian cinema in such state.

We wonder what could be reason behind Hrithik Roshan’s gloomy state. Is he worried about what would happen next in his life or is he also worried about the way he is quitting films after films? Hrithik, we love you and can’t see you like that. We are sure things will be back being great in your life!

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