When Selecting A Film, Numbers Are The Last Thing On My Mind: Aamir Khan 

Aamir-Khan-CoverThe new FICCI frames 2015 was inaugurated by actors Aamir Khan and Kamal Haasan along with the board members on March 25 in Mumbai. The PK actor, Aamir Khan shared his insight on various topics throughout the event. During the event, Aamir Khan talked about how the moneymaking tendency of the film industry suffocates its creativity. The actor stated that the day he starts choosing films based on their moneymaking capacity his creativity will die.

“I am not someone who talks about my number. That is the last thing on my mind when I am selecting a film. The day I start selecting a film on the possible commercial success, that will be the end of my creativity,” Aamir said.

The actor went further on and revealed that there are people in the industry that do choose films based on the idea whether it’ll bring in good numbers or not but PK star thinks that such commercial interest suffocates growth of Film industry.

“Unfortunately, I do see a lot of people who make their choices based on what they think will be successful. A lot of people do that and that’s their way of working. However, I feel that commercial interest stifles growth,” He said.

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Aamir went further on and said that we should be creating new creative ideas. The actor also stated that we should start looking for good content for children.

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“New ideas, challenging ourselves creatively is what we should be doing. A lot of us can start looking out for content for children which I feel that most of us are not doing,” he concluded.

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