While Rachna Tahiliani And Shekh Hassan Are Goals, Their Life Is All About Travel

There goes a saying, ‘Do what you love and love what you do.’ Shekh Hassan and Rachna Tahiliani describe it very well. They are ardent travel freaks and are Dubai born Indians. While Shekh holds expertise in UX/UI, online ads, web automation and all things digital; Rachna has worked in Dubai based marketing agencies like Trivium FZCO. They completed their graduation from Manipal University of Dubai and that is when they met each other for the first time.

After completing college, the duo got their jobs, but the work did not give them complete happiness. That was the time when they quit their jobs and decided to pursue their dream of travelling. They hop from one place to another taking freelance jobs simultaneously. Soon after being together, Shekh and Rachna tied the knot in November 2018 and since then they have travelled 11 countries together. However, an interesting fact about the lovely couple is that they are not influencers. In other words, they bear costs of their hotels, flight and the travel experience.

Shekh and Rachna have managed to garner a lot of followers on Instagram. Their blog named ‘hanaintransit’ has huge 80K followers where they share their travel experiences. Their blog is a combination of their names and their aim is to be real and not just get concerned about paid promotions. With having a natural gallery of their travel experiences, the USP of their page is to be real and not staged. Going by their beautiful Instagram feed, their photos do not focus more on perfect lighting, perfect dress or a perfect destination. All they believe is to travel first and get clicked later.

The travel buddies make their journey sorted with Hassan taking care of photography while Rachna handles the itineraries. Moreover, Hassan also has a great skill of music and has submitted his music to Audio Jungle. Rachna is an amazing writer and possesses great cooking skills. It’s been several years the duo has taken multiple jobs and have fulfilled their dream of travelling across the globe.

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