Whoa! Is This How Much Priyanka Chopra Charged For Performing At IIFA 2016?


Priyanka-Chopra-0214[tps_footer]Priyanka Chopra is a global star and has a stupendous fan following. We saw some great performances at IIFA this year. While IIFA will be broadcasted on television soon, we have managed to get a glimpse of all the performances. While we told u that Deepika refused to share a stage with Priyanka and hence both these beauties performed separately.

Priyanka Chopra made her singing debut at IIFA and danced on Pinga. While Deepika chose to dance on some other songs. But now there are reports that Priyanka Chopra charged a whopping 2 crore to perform at IIFA. Yes, you read it right, Priyanka apparently charged Two crores to perform and she was paid that much too.

Priyanka has now become an international star and surely her charges have gone up. But organisers and producers don’t mind paying Priyanka that much since PeeCee is a huge star and she clearly manages to woo the audience by her charm and grace. But, Deepika too is making her Hollywood debut opposite Vin Diesel and it seems like Deepika was paid 15 Lakhs lesser than Priyanka Chopra to perform at IIFA.

But nevertheless, that is still a huge amount. Both Deepika and Priyanka are the leading ladies of Bollywood and are all set to make their Hollywood film debut.

What do you think who is a bigger star Priyanka or Deepika? Tell us in the comments below.[/tps_footer]