Will Shahid Kapoor Work With Priyanka Chopra Again?


Shahid-priyankaShahid Kapoor is looking very different and impressively so in Vishal Bharadwaj’s third film from the Shakespearan trilogy Haider. It has boosted audience’s interest in watching him. He also went bald for the film which was kept under wraps.

But it seems Shahid is getting greedy now. We hear he is trying to convince Vishal to start work on Kaminey 2. Well, not that we don’t want a sequel to that amazing film, but doesn’t Shahid think it will get tad difficult for him to work in it. Why we say so? Well does the name Priyanka Chopra ring a bell?

You see, Shahid and Priyanka’s alleged romance blossomed on the sets of Kaminey. It played the catalyst to this love and also became the setting for it to flourish. Post that, they were spotted at various places having cozy dinners. In fact, Shahid was found in Priyanka’s apartment when it got raided. After so much ado about everything, they broke up. And it wasn’t an amicable one with none of them agreeing to mention each other in their conversation.

Now, with Kaminey getting back in action, won’t their non-cordial vibes hamper the film? Although Shahid did mention that if his director wants him to work with a cow or buffalo as actor, he would readily do it, we doubt if he will echo similar sentiments for Priyanka as well. Guess this could also be the reason why Vishal is hesitant about a sequel. But then, you can always get a new lead actress. After all that’s how ‘sequels’ are made in Bollywood.

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