Will We See Amitabh Bachchan And Hrithik Roshan In Dhoom 4 Or Not?


dhoom-4-aYash Raj Film Production house which is currently headed by Aditya Chopra is known for producing great movies, one such franchise started by YRF which the audience awaits desperately for is the Dhoom Sequel Movies. The production house has been till now successful in releasing three Dhoom sequel movies under this franchise which have worked wonders on the box-office and has till now managed to retain interest of the audience thanks in the film series thanks to a new face every year and a new twist in each film.

Dhoom 4 is a highly anticipated movies and the audience is way too much interested in knowing all about the cast, crew and the director of the next film. In an event we caught and asked Junior Bachchan about his views on the Dhoom series to which he replied that it is Bollywood’s most successful franchise he even stated that the collections have at least doubled with every successive Dhoom film.

There were many speculations regarding the cast of the new film and two names which were constantly being highlighted was that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan. If rumors are to be believed the production house had plans of casting the son and the father duo of the Bachchans in the same movie to pull the audience into the theaters.

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However, recently when we questioned the Producer Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Krishna Acharya regarding their casting choices and if it is true that we will see Big B in Dhoom 4, they politely but strictly answered in a negative. They made it clear to the media that they have not approached Big B with any such proposal.

It was intresting when Vijay added that “We’ll be announcing the film in a few weeks. Will keep you posted and will be able to give you a clear picture then,” well let’s hope we get to hear some truth and exciting news this time about the Dhoom cast.

When we tried to ask more and ponder a little deep with the speculations all that the officials from YRF had to say was “Wait for YRF to make the official announcements on forthcoming films and in the meantime please refrain from casting speculations,”.

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