Without Taking Any Names, Does Hrithik Roshan Have A Message For Kangana Ranaut?


Does Hrithik Roshan Want To Give A Message To Kangana Ranaut?

Hrithik Roshan seems to be in a better place these days. Professionally as well as personal 2016 was a challenging year owing to his divorce with wife of over 15 years, Sussanne Khan, debacle of his only release of 2016, Mohenjo Daro and an ugly public feud with actress Kangana Ranaut.

But 2017 seems to have started well for the hunk as he awaits the release of his first movie of the year Kaabil which is hitting the cinemas tomorrow. And personally too he is in a peaceful place as he spends quality time with family especially his two boys.

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Talking about the draining year, Hrithik said to a leading daily, “I love it because I am a problem solver. I remember when I was a kid, I used to sit with my cassette player and when it used to get spoilt, I would sit for hours in one spot, trying to fix it. I do that with life. I will not give up until I have solved a problem. It’s like a gym for my mind. I love the problems because every problem gives me the opportunity to learn something about the world, people or myself.

So every problem I see, I search or predict what I am going to learn about myself. Also the world and the way it is or about a certain person or people. So, I become very curious as to what it will bring out in me and for me. It becomes like a game. I am always observing and watching and it’s not a bad thing at all.

On if he regrets his actions in the past and the actor said, “Not at all! The past three years have been the best years of my life, actually! Because I have been through a lot personally, they have helped me become the person I am, they have helped me understand so much about myself, about life and the world, and helped me to remodel my illusion about the way the world is. I am far more peaceful, knowing that I am living in the truth now.”

The daily even went on to probe Hrithik about any ‘bitterness towards a certain actress’ to which he said, “No. Holding grudges or being angry at someone is not me. I can’t be angry because it’s very stupid to be angry at people because human beings don’t know fully what they are doing, so you have to forgive them (smiles). I am talking, in general. I have never really needed to forgive at all because I understand the nature of human beings.

Is he directing this to Kangana? Our guess is yes! What do you think?

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